The Minimalist Set


The Minimalist Set

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The Minimalist Set

This set is for those quietly obsessed with quality. It's for those who like the flexibility of brewing for themselves or others and appreciate the balanced and complete cups that pour-over can provide.  Here, we included some quality Japanese components, experts  in excellence, that are durable and stylish.  Our first coffee set at home were just like these, and we use these dripper cones everyday in our shops because they produce our preferred brews...

Kit Includes - 

- Beehouse Japan Porcelain Coffee Dripper (large)
- Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Mill *
- AWS 600 gram scale - with 0.1 gram resolution
- Bonavita Stovetop Gooseneck 1 Liter Kettle **
- 100ct. Filtropa Oxygen Cleansed Paper Filters
- Detailed and Illustrated Brew Guide
- 12 ounces of single-lot Café Integral selection that we find to be delicious through the Beehouse.

 *Upgrade available to Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder*
**Upgrade available to Bonavita Electric Temp-Controlled Kettle**

Please order by December 18th to ensure delivery by Christmas Eve!