Café Integral was founded by César Vega and aims to bring exceptional Nicaraguan coffees to the forefront of American coffee culture whilst redefining the paradigms that will forge its future. With complete vertical integration, Café Integral is a coffee company with an approach that stems from the grower’s perspective and sees the coffee through from shrub husbandry to the moment the beverage is served.

Integral’s rigorous work at origin and its commitment to the cultivation of coffee is at the core and forms the foundation for it’s work. We source coffees from four of Nicaragua’s finest regions; known for their characteristic depth and balance, but also for their dynamic and complex profiles. The relationships formed here are close, familial, and involved, they represent a spirited exchange that allows us to grow together.

In 2012, Café Integral grew it’s roasting operations and established a roasting studio in Upper Manhattan where coffees are carefully roasted in small batches. In addition, we opened our espresso and brew bar along with the distinct downtown boutique American Two Shot. The bar aims to present our coffees with the same distinguished craft and consistent excellence we display at every stage, all the while breeding a sense of warmth and community that is at the core of Nicaraguan hospitality.