La Andrea - Reserve Lot

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La Andrea - Reserve Lot

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one of our finest coffees to date

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This is an incredible coffee with a long history. It has an enchanting and complex aroma that will woo you long before the coffee's ready. 

While we've known Don Mauricio for a few years, this is only the second year we have been working together to bring this fabulous Maracaturra varietal lot to life. We originally began to work with this plot after he threatened to cut it down - only to replant with catuaí.  Luckily we ran into him in town and persuaded him to leave it - promising that we would take the lot year after year. For us, the coffee is a great save - it's aromatic and fruit-filled with jasmine and coffee blossoms on the nose with a juicy flavor of papaya and apricots.

This is an all-maracaturra, an interesting hybrid varietal, that was processed with a traditional wash and then finished on raised beds for a slower dry. The coffee speaks clearly of its terroir and origin characteristics: bright and articulate. It's truly exceptional and a pleasure to drink. It leaves us incredibly satisfied cup after cup.

Let's just say - and we're not coffee sensationalists - La Andrea is one to remember.



Finca La Andrea, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua


1,400-1,550 masl




Washed -  dried on raised beds