Santa Maria de Lourdes - Natural Process

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Santa Maria de Lourdes - Natural Process

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Grapefruit, cherries, and blueberries lead into a graham cracker and coconut finish

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The Peralta family has been one of our greatest collaborators for the past five harvests. Since weʼve worked together we have worked in a focused and regimented program to discover and improve processing for the coffees handled from the family of farms the two cousins, Julio and Octavio manage. There were many successes as well as failures, but we strongly believe that weʼve managed to produce a series of micro-lots every year that go above and beyond anyoneʼs expectations. While we produce over 60 micro-lots through- out the picking season Integral selectively chooses those which we feel are most interesting and offer an ideal expression of the goals at hand. Like snowflakes, every one of these small pickings is unique in its own right.

This is the fourth year we have been bringing lots from Santa Maria de Lourdes - family farms located in San Fernando. This is one of the higher farms - ranging from about 1350-1570 masl. San Fernando, however, produces a warmer and drier climate than the altitude calls for and the results are an interesting combination of cooler climate and warmer climate behaviors. Typically, we experience riper pickings and more concentrated behaviors in the fruit.

This particular lot is a single dayʼs picking from Mejía - one of the many plots on the farm. Working with a plot system has helped in both effectively managing the farm, from care to harvest, as well as given us a point of reference for correlating flavor. The dayʼs picking is taken to the wet-mill and carefully sorted and bagged. This allows us to get an initial sorting for quality before the cherry begins to transform - in natural process coffees the details become all the more important. Itʼs then taken to the dry mill and set to dry in thick layers on raised beds in a greenhouse. The first hours are the overnight allowing a cool cure to set in before the sun comes up the following day - the coffees will spend many days at the top level, where the air is a bit warmer, and slowly work their way down in to the shadier and cooler parts of the greenhouse to achieve a slow cure. Total drying time on this picking was 21 days. 

The resulting coffee is one of the most exceptional lots from this farm yet. It has all of the tell-tale aromas and characteristics of a natural coffee.  Bright berries, cooked fruits, and strong aromas of cacao and herbs. Nonetheless it does so with remarkable cleanliness and articulation - it remains powerful and delicate all at once.  We're thrilled with this lot and look forward to more naturals like these. 



Finca Santa Maria de Lourdes, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua






Red Catuaí


Natural (dry) process, cherry dried for 21 days on raised beds in shaded greenhouse.