Finca Buenos Aires - Java Varietal

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Finca Buenos Aires - Java Varietal

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a novel variety with notes of pink lemonade, darjeeling, and roasted almonds

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This coffee hails from a small plot that we've been keeping an eye on and finally it's producing some coffee!  This variety, Java, is a bit of a novelty in Nicaragua and is gaining some attention for it's delicate flavor qualities and resilient behavior at the farm level.  This is a storied variety - originally introduced to the island of Java by the Dutch directly from Ethiopia in the 19th Century - it eventually made its way to Cameroon where a French breeder brought it to the Americas via the Caribbean. 

In this coffee you'll find subtle floral notes with jasmine, tropical fruits, and a distinct sweet lemonade character.  It has a delicate and silky body that is reminiscent of indian black teas or oxidized oolong teas.  The finish is till warm - spiced and full of nuts, and leaves a pleasing long aftertaste.

Buenos Aires is one of our oldest relationships and often that gives us the freedom and access to work with more experimental plots and processes that may never make it to higher levels of commercial production. Run by two brothers, Buenos Aires has a progressive way of approaching their namesake farm and have done an exceptional job of growing their production in a sustainable manner. 



Finca Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua






De-pulped and fermented in open-air tanks. Washed and dried on shaded patios.  Hulled and selected.