El Puma - Exclusive Reserve Lot

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El Puma - Exclusive Reserve Lot

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An exclusive reserve lot

Apricots, lemongrass, and a salted caramel sweetness

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Alberto Ramos has been producing coffee at Entre Rios for quite a few years now - he took the land and worked it to plant one of the most impressive farms in the region. Originally he planted the majority of the farm with new growth Villa Sarchi varietal, but when presented with a small plot that had been cleared we decided to plant the Pacamará varietal. This maragogype hybrid cultivar is cross with the Salvadoran Pacas variety and the result is a special and dynamic cup with a strong and exotic herbaceous character that meshes so well with itʼs fruit-forward nature. We put our name on this lot ever since we saw the seedlings in the nursery.

We named the plot “El Puma” to honor the fauna that surrounds the mountains - the area belongs to a natural reserve that aims to conserve the habitat of the native species as well as water springs originating from the cordilleraʼs peaks. After a few patient years we finally harvested our first crop from the young trees - a mere 46kg, which we promptly roasted and enjoyed. This harvest, itʼs second, gave us nearly 700kg, and already we can taste the bright and delicious future that lies ahead.

Mozonte is known for itʼs altitude and variegated hillsides and mountain tops. The result is a variety of tiny micro-climates that express themselves in the folds of the mountains, you could find yourself in a foggy, wet, and cool tropical forest, and around the corner in a dry, sun-drenched pine forest. It makes for dynamic temperatures and a generally cool climate that when paired with the high altitudes makes for slow and delicate ripening and thereby flavor in the cup. On average, producers in this region begin their harvest two months later than their neighbors.

We love the cup - itʼs a balanced and long-lasting sip filled with sugar and lasting spice. The aftertaste is like a salted caramel - with the aroma of brown butter simmering. The front end of the cup has an elegant and round acidity, like stewed fruits and fresh apricots and quickly leads in to complex herbaceous notes of lemongrass and sandalwood, a tell-tale characteristic of this variety. Itʼs a complex coffee that is incredibly satisfying.

“El Puma” - Cafetalera Entre Rios - Mozonte, N.S.






Picked ripe and depulped with a water assisted train, screened and dried on raised beds for 14 days.