El Emperador - Finca Far Away Down

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El Emperador - Finca Far Away Down

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Finca Far Away Down is Lesly Bronfield’s passion, life, and mission. Lesly is a Honduran living in NYC - working in the food and beverage industry and a long-time friend of Integral. In fact, he clocks some time behind the bar making drinks with us on Elizabeth Street. We first met Lesly over five years ago and in this time he has built this farm and finally come to see the fruits of his first harvest. While we only have 152lbs. to go around this year - this is a celebration, a testament to Lesly’s commitment, and a fine example of what terroir means to a coffee - what variety, altitude, place, and soil can bring to the cup.

“El Emperador” - Finca Far Away Down - Aguas Locas, Cortes, Honduras






Picked ripe, washed, and dried on raised beds