Pacamará Ambar - Natural Process Reserve


Pacamará Ambar - Natural Process Reserve

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A landmark offering from Sergio Ortez.

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This Pacamará Ambar is the first in a new series of releases of exceptional and unique coffees of character.  They exemplify and represent the tremendous progress we've been able to achieve alongside our producers over the course of the past eight harvests.  We feel that these coffees are not to be missed and stand for significant discoveries and advances in quality and production techniques.

These extremely limited lot will be roasted to order and shipped on Mondays. Please pre-order by Sunday evening to ensure we have time to process your boxes!

Don Sergio Ortez is one of the most passionate and energetic producers we have ever had the pleasure of working with at Café Integral. He has an insatiable curiosity and an almost uncomfortable need to push himself and his coffees past their limits in search of another breakthrough cup. He is the perfect example of the emergence of growers as “vignerons.” The coffees produced at his three farms often taste more of his personal signature than they do any other attribute - not region, varietal, or altitude for example. To some extent, Sergio adds layers to the coffee’s terroir that make for his unique expression of place. He is known to have one of the most ingenious wet mills, a “frankenmill” that he has tweaked and perfected to yield seven unique quality grades of coffee cherry once sorted. Finally, his coffees complete their cycle close to home - his front yard to be exact - where he has moved his drying beds and keeps a small warehouse and laboratory to track and evaluate the coffees as they progress.

Sergio is one of the earliest to experiment with extended and alternative methods of fermentation with his coffees. This particular method, which Sergio has coined “ámbar process,” has been evolving over the past three harvests.  

The Pacamará from El Porvenir benefits from the dryer and sunnier exposure of the San Fernando region. The soil has a rich top layer of organic matter - yet provides excellent drainage - and the cooler evening temperatures help preserve the soil’s moisture and creates a slower ripening phase.  This harvest, the coffee was picked ripe and sorted. Within six hours, it was transferred to sealed drums fitted with one-way air valves that allowed the CO2 produced through the fermentation process to fill the chamber and eventually escape at a gradual rate over the course of five days. The coffee is never disturbed or agitated and is then set out to dry under shaded beds for 30 days to achieve a gradual cure. The result is a transformed coffee - the fragrance emits a strong note of roasted cacao and sweet balsamic vinegar. The cup quality is equally powerful with tropical notes of pineapple and tamarind, more developed notes of dried dates and plums and an intense mouthfeel. 


FARM: El Porvenir

VARIETY: Pacamara

REGION: Bayuncún, San Fernando NS

ELEVATION: 1200 masl

PROCESS: Anaerobic fermentation

NOTES: pineapple, cacao, butterscotch