Los Junior - Maracaturra Selection

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Los Junior - Maracaturra Selection

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An interesting spin on the notorious Maracaturra variety.

Passionfruit, apples, and a robust structure with a walnut finish

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Los Junior - as the name suggests - is not so much a process lot as much as it is an exercise in sorting.  You may be familiar with peaberry coffees.  Typically these peaberry beans are not from plants that only produce single, small, and rotund seeds - instead they are sorted from a complete lot - the result is a peaberry selection along with the more classic sorting classified by size. In Maracaturra and Maragogype varieties, historically prized for their size, it is similarly common to sort out the smaller naturally-occurring beans to create a larger average.  This is essential - large varieties like this are classified and traded on size, above all else, in the markets. 

You can see where this is going - over the past few years we have been cupping the smaller selections out of curiosity: what do the smaller beans bring to the table versus the larger ones? Well as it turns out - they bring different and very delicious things.  We present to you, then, Los Juniors - a small-bean selection from the Maracaturra variety.  Screening from "15-17" as opposed to 18+, these beans don't export as Maracaturra, but they pack a ton of flavor.  We noticed that much of the sweet and juicy acidity we loved in the Maracaturra was here, in the smaller beans. 

This is unique lot in that it presents a focus on dry-milling practices and what they can bring to the table - sorting out these smaller beans means we can experience a unique expression from this famed variety. 


Finca Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua






De-pulped and fermented in open-air tanks. Washed and dried on shaded patios.  Hulled and selected 15-17 screen.