La Cascada "Los Manguitos" - Honey Lot

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La Cascada "Los Manguitos" - Honey Lot

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One of our exclusive process lots

Juicy Ranier cherries and a long spiced hazelnut finish

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This is one of many in a series of small process-lots that we conduct with the Peralta Family of farms.  Think of these as one-off offerings: made from a single-day's picking these often exhibit unique characteristics and like snowflakes, no two are quite the same. 

Nonetheless, this specific plot - Los Manguitos - from the Luis Peralta's "La Cascada" has given us great and consistent results over the years.  We've done some experiments, of course, but we seem to all end up agreeing that this approach - a straightforward honey process with minimal intervention yields the best results.  We feel that this expression retains what makes the coffee charming - the subtle sweetness (cherries, blossom honey) with the structured spice (clove, cinnamon, all spice, cacao).  This is the third year we have been able to produce an exceptional coffee from this Manguitos planting and every year we're thrilled to meet our old friend when it shows up in our cups. We have one other notorious plot on this farm, "Don Bernardo" so keep an eye our for this year's lot. 

La Cascada is situated in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia within the community of La Tablazón. Dipilto coffees are renowned for their quality - and it can be surprising how, despite the technical parameters, the farms within these valleys produce exceptional coffees of character.  The combination of subtle microclimates produced by the unique geography, along with a mixture of volcanic topsoils creates the right environment for quality. This lot was picked then carried to the wet-mill on site at the farm. It was de-pulped using a water-assisted line then taken to raised beds for a slow dry lasting twenty days.  

Los Manguitos is the perfect introduction to honey-process coffees - clarity, subtle notes, and a syrupy body - delicious.



Finca La Cascada, La Tablazón, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua


Los Manguitos


1,170 - 1350masl




De-pulped and dried on raised beds