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At Integral we're personally committed to the success of our producers.  It should come as no surprise, then, that our approach to wholesale is a personal one where we aim to nurture and relationship with our partners that is anchored in trust.  

Through extensive training and education we aim to instill an intimate knowledge of our current offerings with an understanding on how to treat them to best extract their potential.  Unlike others, our training program puts great emphasis on concepts and encourages exploration through experimentation in the hopes that we might arrive at distinct expressions of the coffees we work with.

We constantly challenge our coffee and challenge ourselves to take our coffees to their maximum potential. It’s an important final step in the journey and it’s something we feel we owe to the producers as well as our customers. We look forward to our wholesale relationships, and with a dynamic and electric approach it.

It's certainly not for everyone, the way we do things, but what results is an unforgettable service that your customers will find hard to compare. 

Please contact us to get the conversation started.


Here at Café Integral are always looking for opportunities to work with great people looking to do great things with coffee.

Green coffees are available on contract and spot as well, FOB New York. If you’re interested in any of the growers we represent please contact us for more information and availability. To us this isn’t merely a matter of sending samples, we nurture close personal relationships with our producers and we’re ready to welcome you into our family.